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Amanda Jones Application

Series #1 Folky

Series #2 String Piano Drama

Series #4 Synthwave

Hello Amanda,

I took the liberty to add plenty of different material for you to get an idea of the music I enjoy writing and different styles I like to experiment with.

You'll find on my Film & TV page all the credits I've had as an additional writer and orchestrator. For any references please reach out to Osei Essed (917 664-8537) who is the composer I've been working with for the past two years.

Instruments I play:

Guitar-esque: electric/acoustic. South American traditional instruments: Bandola, Tiple and Requinto. Electric Bass. 

Woods: Two traditional South American flutes: Gaita & Flauta Dulce

Piano and some small south american percussion like: guica and guacharaca.

Thank you,

- Santiago

(718) 414 7647

Series #3 Comedy

Series #5 Animation/Action

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